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Welcome to Advocatus I AI leaving lawyers without job

Advocatus develops a full-capacity artificial intelligence able to replace human lawyers in courts. Litigation is an intellectual game, and AI is starting to play it better than humans. The ambition of Advocatus is much deeper than other projects: we want to enable AI to construct legal interpretations, and to argue in open-ended social reality before a tribunal. Advocatus will be able to identify patterns from case law without assistance of a human lawyer, to put the story of its client into those patterns, and to create new connections among legal facts and concepts. Advocatus will be able to work with law of any country, and it will be a hyperpolyglot.

The name of our talisman – Inka Paracus

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The team of lawyers is led by Prof. Dr. Stanislovas TOMAS, and we have an outstanding team of AI developers. However, we are open to integrate new colleagues – please contact us.
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Strategic Advantage

Our strategic advantage is a decade long research of automatic legal argument production by Prof. Dr. Stanislovas TOMAS, PhD (Sorbonne). The research distinguishes 98 intellectual structures divided into 411 variants, which are used by humans in order to produce legal arguments in an automatic manner. AI may learn using those 98 techniques in order to structure legal facts and concepts. This is how Advocatus starts arguing better and instead of human lawyers.

Database of professor Tomas illustrates those 98 methods of interpretation with thousands of empirical examples from case law of European courts. Artificial Intelligence needs more research, and it might increase those numbers by its own research, but from the moment when Advocatus is able to structure facts and legal concepts according to those rules, humans will leave the legal profession.

A successful lawyer is created by 2 factors: memory and establishing of original connections among legal facts and concepts. Memory is easy for AI, and the original connections will follow learning to use those 98 intellectual structures.
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Advocatus invites investors to participate from the initial to the final stage of AI development. Become a friend of the ultimate lawyer of all times and nations. Contact us for details.