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The Team

In 2019, Oleg ROSHCHIN shared with Professor Stanislovas TOMAS the idea that there should be artificial neutral network able to predict awards of arbitration tribunals in investment cases. Stanislovas replied that this artificial neural network should replace lawyers completely. This was the beginning of our team.

Currently, we have leading AI developers from London and Eastern Europe, however we are open to all possible proposals of cooperation from other AI developers, scientific organizations. We join everyone to our debate, and we happy to contribute to discussions on other platforms.

Professor Stanislovas TOMAS

he research of Prof. Dr. Stanislovas TOMAS at the University of Paris Sorbonne distinguishes 98 such intellectual structures divided into 411 variants. That intellectual structuring of legal facts and concepts is what AI is able to learn.


Oleg is an investor, and a head of an international investigation group fighting transnational crime